Song of The Day - Tuesday - Early Morning Sunshine

Happy Tuesday!
The rain has calmed down for down and has let us have a little chilly morning sunshine, this makes for a pleasant walk down to the station. I walked down by myself today with headphones and an audiobook to company. I left Blake at home in the warm with a blanket and the cats, he was looking a little peaky this morning and we decided he should stay home today.

There was more train delays yesterday and I was a little later home than I wanted to be. This called for shop pizza, something fizzy with Jim Bean in and ice cream. I got all of those and we also watched 'Access Granted' via the Playstaion Access channel on YouTube. As well as Tomska/Dark Squidge's channel for the latest episode of 'Last Week'. Take a look if you haven't come across their channels before.

Song of The Day: