Song of The Day - Tuesday - And I'm Not Back To Work

Happy Tuesday! 
Unlike most people I am not back to work today or for the rest of the week. This makes up for having to work during the Christmas holidays and missing out on being with family and friends. 

 This morning I woke in time to see the red sunrise, it was pretty spectacular. Check out my Instagram if you would like to see it. We got up since the cats were aware that we were awake, they usually launch a full on crying assault outside the bedroom door. I think they were happy that we haven't gone to work today. 

Far far today I have had breakfast whilst watching The Amazing World of Gumball, eat chocolate, have a nap and take down the Christmas decorations. We also ate a lot of cheese and biscuits for lunch, they need to be eaten. It's Blake's birthday  tomorrow, that is why we have taken down the decorations so it can be a little separate from Christmas. 

This evening I will be going to see Pitch Perfect 3 with my sister in law and some friends. I'm actually pretty excited to see it, I'm sure I'll be entertained even if it's meh. I never listen to critics or Internet reviewers because I like to experience the film for myself.

Song of The Day: