Song of The Day - Thursday - Just Keep Swimming!

Happy Thursday!
It's quite the opposite weather wise today, the sky is a dull grey colour and the clouds are a grey blue. I don't think we will be seeing that blue sky again today.

Trying to keep yesterdays good mood despite feeling a little under the weather today. As Dori says:

I have been writing here and there since the start of the new year, I will eventually start the editing but with my PC unwell at the moment I can't bring myself to do it on an ipad. *Shudders*
I understand that some writers get on fine with the ipad method but in my head the way I like to edit just makes it feel clunky on a tablet.

I have started work on a new Emotionally14 post, it will be an addition to my 'Cloud Zombie's Land of Post Apocalypse and Dystopia' series. I'm hoping to get a few other posts out on E14 this year, reviews and opinion pieces. Watch this space and of course E14's space .
Have a great Thursday Everyone!

Song of The Day: