Song of The Day - Thursday - Just Another Working Day

Happy Thursday!
It's a little less windy today and the sun is trying to come out.

I have been creating an Amazon wish list today, it's my 30th birthday in June and I wanted to be a little organised. I am the sort of person who tends to enjoy buying presents for people and enjoying watching them open them, I am very unassuming when it comes to getting presents. If I get them then that's awesome but I don't expect people to buy them for me. I've been asked for a list many times, this will help when they ask. I will also make a list on Google docs so I can email it over to anyone who asks.
I have also been listening to the brand new podcast from The Valleyfolk - The Valleycast. The old Source Fed gang have got the band back together! I'm pretty excited by this!

TheValleyfolk - Patreon
The Valleyfolk - YouTube
The Valleyfolk - The Valleycast Podcast

We are getting closer to finding out if the PC will be fixed or replace. I'm honest hoping it can just be fixed because I don't want another thing to pay out for but I honestly need a PC to get my editing done. I know some people do use ipads/tablets to do this all the time but I think I'm too old fashioned, it feels odd and I can't work that way. Well not that old fashioned because that would be a typewriter, I already write a lot by hand when I can't use a my phone or a PC. It does mean having to type them up though and that can take a while depending on how much I've written.
I wasn't very well yesterday evening, my ovaries are shedding and it turns everything to pain and grumpiness at the highest level. I feel for those ladies that have worse pain than I do, I feel like I'm a pain killer fiend. I managed to take some pain killers and a few other magic tablets, it thank fully stopped so I could eat dinner. Blake was a big bag of hate when I got home yesterday and joked that he had synced up with me. Being that I love him so I didn't bring rage and death upon him with that joke. A word of warning that saying that sort of thing will get you a spot on the sofa, I am a merciful one. Blake encouraged the consumption of wine because of his long day and I joined in a little.
TMI Kat!
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you have a fabulous Thursday!
To all my Scottish readers!

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