Song of The Day - Monday - Oh January!

Happy Monday!
It's quite a blustery wet day today, I saw on the news this morning that we might get snow as well. They said the UK so from that they probably mean Scotland, further up England and parts of Wales. I hope that if it does decide to dump a crap-Tun of snow on us that they do it before I go to work and not after when I am in London.

My weekend was fairly laid back, I wanted a weekend in so I could do things that I couldn't do during the week. Blake has hit the 'Super Mario Odyssey' quite hard this weekend, he declared this was the game I had bought for him for his birthday. We gave it a try at EGX in the later part of last year, I feel it has given Mario a new lease of life without losing its core values. We are stepped back into the world of 'No Man's Sky', I hadn't played it since the update and decided to start the game from the beginning so I could grasp it a little better. Overall I like the changes to the game and will look forward to playing it a lot more.

We additionally went birthday present shopping for my nearly 1 year old niece. We do spend a large quantity of time in the Star Wars section, there are some pretty cool things there and some are too small to fit Blake. This of course makes him sad. Saturday evenings film was 'Eat Locals', it's very British and stars Netflix's Daredevil Mr Charlie Cox. I had no idea he was English, I hadn't really researched too much into the actors of the show. Check it out if you haven't seen it, review hopefully later this week.  

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