Song of The Day - Monday - It Begins!

Happy Monday!
It's another January Monday morning in my part of the world. It's not as cold and wet as yesterday so that's a plus. It attempted to snow yesterday, it didn't do very well but it tried.

As usual the weekend wasn't long enough and felt like it went by far too quickly. Saturday We hit the 'No Man's Sky' hard, the PC will either be fixed next weekend or we will have to get a new one. Games will not play themselves, I have a little bit of a Rimworld, Minecraft and The Sims (various) withdrawal. Also my many novel drafts are not going to edit themselves. The thought of editing on an ipad gives me anxiety so it's going to have to wait until I get the PC in working order or a new PC.
Saturday evening we had a Cult film night, the films were Nightbreed and Night of The Eagle. Both very good films in very different ways.

Sunday saw a lay in and a lovely birthday part for my niece who has just turned one years old. She had many kiddies around to play along with family and friends. A lovely birthday cake made by my sister in law which was pretty and yummy. I'm sure she'll be walking any day in the very near future.
In the evening after the party we watched 'The Mash Report', had a very cheesy pasta dinner and watched a fair few Outside Xbox videos. 

Thank you for reading my blog!
Have a wonderful Monday!

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