Song of The Day - Monday - Back To Work!

Happy Monday!
I am back in to the fold that is the working week, it seems as if it hasn't technically gotten light today. We have defiantly entered dull grey January.

I had a pretty good week off last week and to be honest was a little sad to be going back to work. I still have so much stuff I want to do, sort through and watch. The time I spend away from my house puts those things to the bottom of the list. I did however make a blind for the front door window and decided that would be my theme for this year. Get things done and be as productive as I can.
Now I won't feel like people are watching me from the street in the evening. That's the main reason for me to make this, the second is to block out the sun when we are watching films and playing video games.
Onwards and Upwards!!
Happy New Year!

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