Song of The Day - Friday - Podcast Picks

Happy Friday!
Another week down!
Though it was the longest week I've had for a while (and probably say this every week) I woke up this morning fairly motivated to head on into the day and get it done. It was fairly chilly on the platform this morning and I was very surprised to see the fact that my train not only arrive early but left on time.
I finished 'The Valleycast' the new podcast by the very new The Valleyfolk . It was a great first podcast, give it a listen if you haven't.

I moved onto another podcast this morning, that podcast was the 'Gamecast' by Emotionally Fourteen, check out their other podcast 'The Crazy Train' as well if you haven't.

I have started Sarah Lyons Fleming's book series on audiobook - Mordacious (The City Series #1). I've been told by the woman herself that if the 'Until The End of The World' series made me cry this would find the waterfalls within me. It's set in the same world as the above series.

Tomorrow we will taking the PC to the PC doctor to determine it's fate, we may not know straight away but hopefully we'll know soon enough. I am also taking time to do some home DIY over the weekend as well as some crafts of some kind. I want to relocate the cat litter boxes into the bathroom but it involves some trouble shooting and much dismantling to get there.
I have the house to myself again tonight so I plan to have another long bath and listen to an audiobook. I may get in some no mans sky and even test out the creative mode.
Thank you for reading my blog!
Have an excellent Friday and an Awesome weekend!
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