Song of The Day - Friday - I Sense A Disturbance In The Force!

Happy Friday!
Friday is finally here! It's been another very long week but I was rewarded for getting to Friday by getting Blake back to walk down to the station.  

Something novel happened last night in the form of my train being on time to the station and leaving on time from the station. It even arrived on time to Gillingham! Southeastern rail *touches wood* has started to get it's shit together.
This morning and over the last few mornings I've been listening to 'Indexing: Reflections' by Seanan McGuire on Audiobook, this is the second book. This lovely lady is one of my favourite authors and she never fails to entertain. If you love 'Fables' the comics or the Tell Tale game 'The Wolf Among Us' or even 'Grimm' the TV series then I solidly recommend this to you.  
I have also been listening to Emotionally 14's Crazy Train Podcast this morning. It was released today and I always love to tune in to see what the E14 gang have been up to.
This weekend seems like a mixed bag. On Sunday I'm very excited to see my niece, it's her first birthday party. I'm sure it will be a lovely day for her.
On Saturday I have a cult night to look forward to as well, I'm not sure what we are watching though. It's always a nice surprise to see something I haven't seen before and it's great for my film reviews page
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I hope you all have an excellent Friday and an Awesome weekend!
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