Photo A Day Challenge - January 2018 - Day 10

#photoadaychallenge #January2018
Day 10. Your Childhood - This is a painting I painted a few years back, it's based on a childhood memory. It's titled: 'Girafft'
When I was very young my family and I lived on a half converted coal barge. It was a little drafty due to the fact that work was still being done on it. One night little me decided I wanted to sleep in the living room on the sofa. Mum says "Are you sure? There's a draft," me being very little wasn't sure what a draft was and of course got scared. Being that I was little me I didn't have the speaking skills I have now. I got scared about the draft and began saying something along the lines of. "I don't want the girafft to come," this is where the inspiration for this painting came from.