Song of The Day - Wednesday - Fail Day

Happy Wednesday!
It's super misty this morning and I couldn't see the river or the fields around the track on the way in to London.

I've had a bit of a fail morning this morning, my flu has got worse over night and I could barely get out of bed this morning and was almost late for my train. I can't take any more my sick leave for a while as I was sick a few weeks ago which sucks. I fell over on the way to work this morning as well and I have a very sore and dented shin.

Bake off was great as usual and almost worked in cheering me up after a very long first day back at work, I really enjoyed being in Birmingham NEC surrounded by my fellow geek. I did have a little moment where I felt kind of lost. I want to write without other stuff getting in the way, but it's not going to change until I try and submit something and see what happens.
Hopefully today goes fast!

Song of The Day: