Song of The Day - Thursday - Weird Dreams

Happy Thursday!
Todays weather hasn't a clue what it is doing today, I just hope it doesn't rain.

I was very crappy last night and just wanted to sit in a blanket feeling sorry for myself. Blake got us some ready meals from the shop and we watched The Crystal Maze we had recorded Friday while we were away in Birmingham. I had a very lazy bath with an audiobook, Leia came to visit half way through and got on the bath to sniff the water. She always like to have a look and see what your up to.

I had some really weird dreams last night (If you'd like to read about my dream click the link), I have a feeling being ill with flu and taking medication has something to do with it. I had to write it down to show everyone my madness.

Today I will be going to Flying Tiger (The Shop, not an actual flying tiger) and probably buying all their Halloween stock, it all looks a lot of fun. I will do a Halloween Haul post for this shop later as well.

Song of The Day: