Song of The Day - Monday - It's Monday Again

Morning All! 
It's getting more autumnal as we move further into September. 

I have had a busy weekend but I've also had some time to chill out which is nice. We've had a bit of work done on the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom, and the external  bathroom walls. We've had a damp problem and hopefully (fingers crossed) this will be the beginning of the end for the damp.

We've been reorganising the kitchen now that we have moved everything out of the kitchen. We have a new smaller microwave that doesn't take up so much space and as this gave us a very big excuse to have a sort out, we've gone through some cupboards and cleared them out. I will be sorting another few cupboards out this week as and when I get home and get time. 

We went for a small visit to Gillingham park as the Will Adams Festival was going on during the day, we went in the afternoon and in the early evening a small birthday get together on Saturday. 

It seems because I'm not supposed to have sick days at the moment my body has gone ahead and tried to shove all the colds and what not into me just to see my immune system cry. I am super tired this morning but have to just get on with it. It wasn't made any better because I was late to work via signal failures on the way to work. 
Wish me luck today! 
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