Song of The Day - Monday - Autumn Morning

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Morning All!
It's another Monday and a full week plus it is now September. It  seems that the wheel has turned since it's dull, cool and misty. 

I had a little bit of a sleepy evening on Friday, I wasn't feeling so hot that day due to feeling run down. Blake was out with his work friends while I watched Bullet Proof Monk and having an early night.

Saturday morning we went to see a Cattery we will be putting the kitties in when we go up to Eurogamer in Birmingham. The late morning on Saturday we ventured into Faversham for the Faversham Hop Festival. It was a very busy day of walking, eating and of course drinking. 

Sunday afternoon we went up to London for a 21st birthday party which was lovely and filled with more food and drinks. It was a hell of a great weekend!

Song of The Day: