Song of The Day - Monday - It's Gaming Week!

Morning All!
It's terribly grey this morning, Monday is going to be a bit of a dull day I think. 

My weekend was quite an excellent one! After three days off sick and a return to work on Friday my Friday night consisted of  YouTube videos and bed. 

Saturday morning we had shopping to do for various things. Then it was on to a 40th wedding anniversary that afternoon for my in-laws. There was an incredible amount of Prosecco and I think a large amount of it was drunk. Sunday was a lazy day filled with films, sleeping and eating. We watched 'The Force Awakens' and 'Zootopia', take a watch of both if you haven't seen them. I made a big cheesy pasta bake for dinner and we had hot chocolate before bed. The first hot chocolate of the autumn. 

This week on the blog it is video game themed. The Song of The Day picks will be video game themes in various forms, today's is Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens's cover of the Skyrim Theme. 

 Blake and I will be going up to Birmingham this Thursday until Sunday, we are going to  EGX 2017 on Friday so if you are there please come find us and say hi.  
Song of The Day: