Song of The Day - Friday - Thank Any Entity It's Friday!

Happy Friday!
What a dreary bloody day!
Well I just about managed to get out of bed this morning, I'm not really feeling any better but I managed to get myself to work anyway. Well mostly with the help of Blake, he's been really good to me over the past week.

Last night we started watching the backlog of PS Access videos that had built up since EGX began. The Access team have been busy bees when it comes to live streams and the normal videos as well as additions. Hopefully we should be caught up by the end of the weekend.

Yesterday lunch time saw me raiding Flying Tiger of their Halloween decorations. A) Flying Tiger is one of my favourite shops and B) Halloween decorations!
I will try and do a haul post in the week to show off what I got, I still have to visit Wilkinsons so watch this space.

Also Halloween costume supplies have been ordered and they shall be commenced in the next few days as Blake has asked for something quite tricky. My costume shouldn't be as hard as his but it will take some work, it's going to be colourful.

Have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!

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