Song of The Day - Monday - Back To The Gride

First Day Back and a Monday, Woo!
I am utterly saddened that I had returned to work today after nine days away from work but it was a great nine days, I didn't have to go to work after all.

This morning's alarm was not welcome, in fact it wasn't invited at all. We managed to get up though with much groaning and moaning. The cats seemed to more awake than us because they were crying outside the door from about 6am, nothing gets in the way of a hungry cat.

Despite the bleary eyes and slow sleepy moving, we managed to leave home on time and I got to the station with time to spare. The journey in was mostly me going through my various social medias and emails. I really didn't feel like writing on the train this morning, so sorry it's a little later than normal but I am back!

Song of The Day: