Song of The Day - Tuesday - Back to Work And The Sun Is Still Shiny

Good Morning!
I'm back on the train for a 4 day week after the bank holiday weekend. I am surprisingly tanned for just one day in the sun and actually feel a little energised for it. 

Last night we went to a friends house for pizza and a film. We played a new card game Blake had picked up from Salute called 'Boss Monster', I was very impressed by this little game and it actually was quite enjoyable once I had got my head around the rules. 
We had pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner, we watched 'Turbo Kid' as we ate. Check it out if you haven't watched it. 

During the day I baked cookies, napped and watched Blake get progressively angry with the bosses in Uncharted 2. After a while I got him to walk to the shop with me to get lunch and give him a breather away from Nathan Drake's Adventures in Dying. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a lovely Tuesday! 
Song of The Day: