Tag Tuesday - The Instagram Tag

Hello There and Welcome to Tag Tuesday!
This is the day when I chose a random YouTube Style tag and answer the questions for the fun of it and hopefully you lot will get to know me a little better as a blogger.
Today's Tag is The Instagram Tag from YouTube Tags.com
1) What's your username?

2) When did you create your Instagram account?
I created it in 2012.

3) Which is the first picture you posted?
December 2012

4) How many times do you log in? Per Day/Week?
Once or twice a day, I like watching the nail videos.

5) What is your worst picture?

6) Which picture has had the most likes?
I'm not sure, I don't really keep track.

7) How many followers do you have? How many people are you following? 
I currently have 101 followers and I follow 335.

8) Who's the last person to like your pictures?

9) Name one brand/celebrity you are following? One brand/celebrity that is following you (if there is any)?
I follow John Boyega and I have Vader Store following me. Yes both star wars themed.

10) Show us your top three pictures?
I love sunset and this first one is just outside the train station.
This one was taken the evening before my Brother in law and sister in law's wedding. They were married in Whitstable and the weather was beautiful.
George Yard is a little court yard out the back of the office building I work in. They change the follows as the seasons pass and these were spring one from a few years back.

11) What is the last picture on your Instagram feed?
Where I work they have fresh flowers out every week on every floor, some are different than others but they are always beautifully done. The florist that does them is an artist!

Thank you for reading!