Tag Tuesday - I Love Sleep Tag

Hello There and Welcome to Tag Tuesday!
This is the day when I chose a random YouTube Style tag and answer the questions for the fun of it and hopefully you lot will get to know me a little better as a blogger.
Today's Tag is I Love Sleep Tag from YouTube Tags.com
1) What is your routine before going to bed?
I usually watch YouTube videos on the tv before I go to be, it chills me out and YouTube is better than some tv these days.

2) What do you do when you can't sleep?
Keep trying to sleep or try to think of some story ideas to write about later.

3) What is your favourite sleeping position?
I always lay on my left in a sort of foetal position. 

4) Where What can I wake you up for?
I am a very light sleeper so I wake up for most things.

5) When/What time does your alarm go off?
My alarm goes off at 6:45 on week day since I have to get ready and go to work.

6) Snooze or Getting Up Instantly?
We snooze more than we should be and that does sometimes lead to a last minute dash to the train station.

7) Do you sleep-in over the weekend?
I always try to sleep-in when I can because I am always tired from working and travelling all week.

8) What kind of weird things do you do in your sleep?
I don't do anything weird compared to my other half but that's a story for another day.

9) How many pillows do you have?
I have two pillows.

10) What do you where for bed?
Different forms of pyjamas depending if it is hot or cold.

11) Do you sleep with or without socks on?
I do where socks quite a lot in the winter because I tend to get cold feet.

12) What size/how big is your bed?
My bed is just a normal double, nothing amazing but I do love to be it in still.

13) The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is....?
Turn the alarm onto snooze.

14) Do you dream every night?
Almost every night but if I sleep deep enough I don't remember my dreams.

15) What dream or nightmare can you remember?
I had a nightmare about the bad guy from the 'Might Max' cartoon chasing me, that one came back to me every so often when I was growing up.

16) What is your biggest dream?
I can't remember really.

17) What time do you got to bed?
usually around 11:30pm.

Thank you for reading!