Song of The Day - Wednesday - Last Day!!

Happy Wednesday!
It's another beautiful day and today is my Friday so I am doing the Happy dance on the train this morning. 

We had our shopping delivered last night and discovered the washing up liquid we had ordered has opened and leaked all over the rest of the shopping. When I found the bottle in question I discovered that not that much had actually leaked out, it was fairy Liquid so go figure. 

We caught up with PlayStation Access videos that are on YouTube (or Ps4 - it has it's very own panel in the entertainment section), the PlayStation Access team are very funny and they are currently in the same building as the Yogscast.

A quick heads up for today, I have not watched any films that I can review. I try not to repeat myself because that is boring. So Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard will return hopefully next week when I have managed to watch a shed load films over my 4 day weekend. 

I will be posting tomorrow and Friday, so I'll see you tomorrow for more ramblings. Thank you as usual for reading my blog and all the content I do put up, I enjoy what I do and it's always fun to get interaction every now and then. I hope you have an excellent Wednesday! 
Song of The Day: