Song of The Day - Tuesday - Beer Barrel On The Track

Happy Tuesday!
And a very good morning!! 
I had another early night last night because Monday was a bit of a Bitch in the ways of draining my energy. We were up on time and out the door earlier than usual, sadly Southeastern rail could not run to this standard. Apparently there was a beer barrel on the line as well as signaling problems this morning. How the Feck did a beer barrel get on the tracks?! 

Last night wasn't anything special to talk about, we ordered our shopping and watched some videos. Hopefully we may watch a film tonight because I have nothing to put up review wise tomorrow because I have already reviewed the films I watched over the weekend. I may have to skip my film cupboard reviews this week because of this and I do apologise for this. 

Hopefully my blog may be a little more interesting tomorrow, so stay tuned. 
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have an excellent Tuesday! 
Song of The Day: