Song of The Day - Thursday - Nearly The Weekend!

Good Morning!
I tried the same early night tactic and wake up feeling worse, I'm not sure I slept well and I am feeling a little drained this morning. 

Any way, enough of the moodiness! 
I'm getting a little nervous about how the weather is going to turn out for the bank holiday weekend, it's the Sweeps Festival that weekend and I wanted to go to at least one day. I hope that we get a little sun over the 3 days so I can have a wander. 

I have the house to myself tonight so I will probably get some things done for the blog, watch films and maybe play some games. I have also been enjoying ZNation that is on Amazon prime and Netflix, it's a little different to Walking Dead. Check out the Walking Dead graphic novels, I'm a huge fan of those and they are awesome. I think they will heart your heart a little more than the tv show that used them as a Base and then changed them when they didn't need to be changed.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a lovely Thursday! 
Song of The Day: