Song of The Day - Thursday - We're Getting Closer To Friday!

Good Morning All!
I'm really loving the sunshine we are getting at the moment, the darker clouds seem to be threatening rain. Apparently London hit 18 degrees celsius yesterday, finally we are clawing into the warmer months! 

We played host to E14 and Talk Star Wars's Rob for an evening of recording, there was much laughter filtering from the front room last night and I look forward to seeing the videos they put on the Emotionally Fourteen YouTube channel. 

I didn't get around to baking last night because  The Revenge of The C-Team Minecraft modpack was calling to me. I am currently building a tree house next to a Volcano, I don't ever see that going wrong..... 

I also painted my nails because it seems I'm trying to balance out the whole girl geek thing. I may bake tonight if I can resist the call of my tree house burning to the ground.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a lovely Thursday! 
Song of The Day: