Song of The Day - Thursday - When The Boys Are Away. .

Happy Thursday!
I have been awake since 5am!
Not exactly the norm for a day off but I got up to see my other half off this morning, he's off out for the next two days with his brother and dad for a little father son bonding time. They are off to sunny Dorset for an adventure while I hang out with the girls (the cats).

So far I have drank tea in bed and watched Pitch Perfect 2 again, yes I know I should be watching other films I have not seen before but I wanted to wake up first. It's only just coming up on 9am as I write this blog and I have the whole day ahead of me. 

Things I plan to do in the next two days:
* Watch a lot of films/Tv series
* Paint my nails
* Do some sewing repairs/make something
* Wash clothes
* Go to the park
* Annoy the cats until they love me
* Bake 
* Play video games
* Write content for the blog

Things that will get done
Things that probably won't get done but I'm being optimistic
Half Way
Leia is bracing herself for what will unfold.
I am still in my PJ's and I have not brushed my hair yet so you do the maths. Thank you for reading as usual, I will be post tomorrow as well so watch this space. Feel free you get in touch via my Twitter @Cloud_zombie, Facebook - Cloud Zombie's Blog of Everything and Anything, Google+ - Zombierock88, Cloud Zombie's Community on Google+ and finally Tumblr - Cloud Zombie's Blog of Everything and Anything. You can also leave a comment just below on my blog.
I hope you have an great Thursday!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Song of The Day:
She's Got Issues- The Offspring

It's just the link today because the blogger site could not find this video because it is useless!