Song of The Day - Monday - 3 Day Week!!!

Good Morning!
I had an early night last night so I'm pretty bright eyed this morning for once. It seems to be a beautiful day and I hope that the rest of the week is like this. 

This weekend I had a Anna Kendrick film fest, Blake was out at a war gaming convention (Salute) and I had no interest in walking around for hours on end. I did enjoy seeing all the photos of the day though, especially the Fury Road fan made game. 

It was Blake's cousins birthday party on Sunday so it was off up to London. I had a few spritzers, a lot of barbecued party food and cake. I was very full by the time I got home and then decided to have hot chocolate and marshmallows. 
Let's see how today pans out shall we?! 

Thank you for reading my blog,  have an excellent Monday! 
Song of The Day: