Song of The Day - Monday - Back To The Grind

Morning All!
Another week, another Monday. 
I'm epically tired again on this grey Monday morning, I'm still ill and I dreading getting through today's working day. 

Since I have been ill I have spent most of my free time either asleep or wanting to sleep which is a sad waste of the weekend. On Saturday evening Blake, his cousin and I travelled up to London for a gig at Wembley arena. The band that we went to see were of course BabyMetal and they were epic! I did make myself worse in the cold and cough department because we had to queue in the rain. 

On Sunday I was supposed to be going to my friends birthday party but I felt so crappy and the fact that I didn't want to bring my crappiness into contact with a very young baby, colds and little babies are not fun. So I stayed home while the other other half represented me while I felt sorry for myself and drank lemsip. 

Let's get to it and get this Monday done. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Monday. 
Song of The Day: