Song of The Day - Friday - Why Did You Take So Long!

Happy Friday!
And a very good morning!
I went to bed a little later than I should have because I waited up for the other half to come home. I shouldn't have done that because now I my eyes are sore, I hope to anyone that will listen that I get a second wind today. 

Today at work it is basically month end and also the the Friday before a bank holiday weekend, I'm predicting that it will be incredibly busy this morning and then a ghost town this afternoon because usual people are allowed to leave early on such days. Fingers crossed that I will get to leave a little earlier today so I can have a Baileys hot chocolate, a blanket and some bad sci-fi to watch.

Last night's plans went out the window and I ended up watching The Hunger Games and eating homemade cookies. There's nothing like post apocalyptic dystopia and sugar to cheer me up. 

This weekend I have two birthday dinners and a local festival to go to. If you are down at The Rochester Sweeps Festival in Rochester Kent over the weekend come say hi. I will be the one probably drinking cider and exploring. 
Thank you for reading my blog. Have an excellent Friday and an amazing weekend! 
Song of The Day: