Song of The Day - Friday - Not More Rain!

Happy Friday!!!
I'm so happy it's Friday! 
The week has been long and today is going to drag his feet. 

The commuter next to me is my kind of guy, he's watching The Force Awakens on his ipad that has a Marvel comics case. I like it when this happens because I can watch it while writing my blog, I don't even need the sound because I have seen it three times and know what's happening. You're awesome Marvel ipad star wars guy!

My friend at work recommended Z Nation tv series on Netflix yesterday and I went home deciding I would give it a go. I watched 6 episodes last night and going from that I must have liked it. You don't usually binge watch something that you don't enjoy, so I must have liked. Did I mention there was zombies in it and lots of them?! You did this Darren! 
 Thank you for reading my blog! 

I hope you have a brilliant Friday and an Awesome Weekend! 
I will see you next week for more Cloud Zombie fun.
Song of The Day: