Song of The Day - Wednesday - Late Train Going Down The Track

Good Morning all!
The train was a little late this morning so hopefully it doesn't make me late for work today. My two train friends are sitting with me today, of course we are not talking to each other because that is not the commuter way (especially in the morning) and we all have things we have to get on with anyway.

Since I have the house to myself again last night I had the chance of playing so more of the Revenge of The C-Team Minecraft modpack, I'm really liking the different bioms that I have been exploring plus the Mods that spawn random buildings that could hold loot of some kind. Managed to find a half broken cottage and fixed it up by night which was good and then exploring the aztec temple that lays near me, the place is a maze inside but has a LOT of spawners inside it so it's super scary. I'm going to need a lot of armour before attempting it again and some sort of way to tell me where I have already been. 

As I was watching my YouTube videos as usual I decided not attempt to paint purple tips on my nails with the help of nail tape, it did work but I do still need a lot of practice. I added blue strips after for decoration and added a clear coat over the top, look at me trying to be girlie. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Wednesday! 
Song of The Day: