Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard - Zombie Fest Special - Harold's Going Stiff, Nightmare City

Welcome back to another film review day!
This week it's a zombie fest special!
 Harold's Going Stiff
Harold is suffering from a frightening new disease that is turning him into a zombie. After an experimental new treatment fails, Harold's condition deteriorates and he ends up on the run from a group of violent vigilantes who are out for blood. - IMDB
Harold's Going Stiff (2011)

I certainly was not expecting how brilliant the story would be when I started watching this film, with it's documentary style film quality and it's slight tongue in cheek feel. Harold is an incredibly lovable character with a heart of gold and you can't help but get sucked into this film.

This is one of the best low budget films I have seen in a long time and I will most certainly watch again and again. If you fancy a zombie film but want more of a story Harold's Going Stiff is the one.

I give this film 10/10
Nightmare City
An air plane exposed to radiation lands, and blood drinking zombies emerge armed with knives, guns and teeth! They go on a rampage slicing, dicing, and biting their way across the Italian countryside. - IMDB
Nightmare City (1980)

This is quite a strange story line but hey it's a zombie film, it kind of reminds me of Zombie Flesh Eaters. The zombies are laughable in appearance and they look like they have rolled in lumpy mud. There seems to be a lot of boobs placement like they are trying to distract us from how bad the rest of the film is and they almost get away with it too.

This is definitely a bad movie night film since it has many laughable scenes, the dubbing is also terrible.

I give this film 5/10
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