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Southland Tales
During a three day heat wave just before a huge 4th of July celebration, an action star stricken with amnesia meets up with a porn star who is developing her own reality TV project, and a policeman who holds the key to a vast conspiracy. - IMDB
What the Actual Fuck!?
Seriously can someone please tell me what the hell is going on in this film?!
This my 5th or 6th watch through and I still don't really get what was happening in this movie. Was this originally a graphic novel and has been badly translated? Or is it just badly written? Someone please help me understand.

I give this film 5/10
Atlantic Rim
When giant monsters crawl out of the Atlantic Ocean and attack the Eastern Seaboard the US Government is forced to trust a trio of mischievous soldiers, specialized in piloting gigantic robots, to defend America. - IMDB
Thank you Asylum for this.
Well what can I say, as far as mock busters go this one really isn't as epic as it's original Pacific Rim .
The animation also remind me of the megazord in the original Power Rangers and don't really get to see the action because it just cuts to the actors pretending to fight badly.
This film is great for a bad movie night or a drinking game.

I give this film 4/10
In the future, a spaceship called Serenity is harboring a passenger with a deadly secret. Six rebels on the run. An assassin in pursuit. When the renegade crew of Serenity agrees to hide a fugitive on their ship, they find themselves in an awesome action-packed battle between the relentless military might of a totalitarian regime who will destroy anything - or anyone - to get the girl back and the bloodthirsty creatures who roam the uncharted areas of space. But, the greatest danger of all may be on their ship. - IMDB
Oh Serenity now you brought an explosive ending to Firefly.
If only the people watch Firefly more Fox wouldn't of cancelled it and we wouldn't have to experience the heartache that is Serenity. 
Serious feels there!
I loved this film from the start to the finish and have not wished for better. You don't have to watch Firefly to Enjoy this but you should give it a gone to complete the underlying stories properly.

I give this film 10/10
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