Song of The Day - Tuesday - Hate Early, Must Kill Early!

Morning All!
I am on the early shift for the rest of the week and this morning's cold dark platform introduced me to that fact in a brisk, chilblainy kind of way. 

This morning is going to be hard since it's always so quiet in the office when I start at 8, I kind of wish I could have my earphones on but I could miss a phone call so that would be a bad idea. I do have my emergency diet coke on hand just incase the need should arise that tea cannot fix.

Last night we had a 'we had a bad day at work so fuck the diet dinner' last night in the form of Chinese food. The other half was incredibly grumpy that I told him not to bother with his usual jobs when he got home and go play Fallout 4. It worked in the end because he cheered up a little after dinner.

Sorry there is no video and just a link, Blogger was sodding me around this morning and I had left my glasses upstairs with a very sleepy Blake and I didn't want to disturb him till 6am.
Thank you for reading my blog.
I hope you all have a super Tuesday!
Song of The Day: