Song of The Day - Monday - Hello Sunrise

Morning All and welcome back to the working week.
Well that weekend went way too fast, I only got one nap in over the two days. Most of it involved emptying shops of their Halloween supplies and playing games.

This morning's Sunrise looks beautiful, there is also a little bit of mist floating across the fields which looks a little haunting. I am on the early shift again this week so my blog posts will be a little earlier than normal. I am responsibly awake this morning which is weird for me on a Monday morning on any shift. 

We have recently acquired Download 2016 tickets since it has been a few years since we went to one and camp for 5 days. I'm already excited and it is so far away. Let me know if you are going.

I'm rambling a little now because I'm that surprised that I'm up early, I'll post now and let myself wake up more.

Thank you for reading and have a very good Monday!
Song of The Day: