Song of The Day - Thursday - Last Lot of Summer's Sunshine

Happy Thursday Everyone!
It seems we have been graced by the last lot of sunshine as summer dips into the autumn. This mornings walk down to the station was a pleasant and slightly brisk, I am going to enjoy this while I have it because the wheel has turned and the dark days are coming. (No don't you dare do any GOT's references)
I'm a little sleepy this morning because it was a later night than I had realised, I'm still running on holiday time.
Blake did not want to get out of bed this morning and declared to me as we were walking to the station that a piece of him was still in bed asleep in bed, I really don't want to know what piece that is.
It has been a few days since the wedding and the happy couple seem to be enjoying married life. Hopefully their honeymoon will be great fun when they get to it.
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I hope you all have an wonderful Thursday! 
Song of The Day:

It's one those days that I need a build up to my morning, I hope a bit of 90's techno helps wake you up.