Cloud Zombie's Christmas 2020

                            Hello All!
We've finally hit December in the strange year of 2020. It certainly has been a year that's for sure. 

Despite the current outlook in the UK of what the festive season will bring this year I've decided to dive head first into it as usual. My usual daily advent calendar for the build up to Christmas will be going ahead as always. 
As for other Blogmas posts I'll have to see how time goes for me. I'm currently working a temp job for a while and it's pretty full on with the learning and adjustment to actually working within an office again after a year. I will try my best however to bring some festive themed blog post cheer into your life.

I am planning to make a few festive crafts this year and share them on the blog, it depends how long they take me to do so keep an eye out for new posts. My main task is to make fabric paper chains this year to add to my decorations that I have previously made over the years. I do love a festive craft, especially the really crappy childrens craft packs you can get. 

For now I'm excited to start December and finally start saying a slow goodbye to 2020. It was a year we wasn't expecting but a year we have been through many ups and downs. 

If you'd like to follow along with my advent calendar please check back every day, I will try to post it every morning (UK time) in December up until the 25th. 

Have a good day wherever you are in the world. Thank you for reading my blog.