Screaming into The Void - The Endless Job Search

This morning after a bad nights sleep, I woke up feeling pretty blue.
After many job applications, interviews and rejections I'm honestly feeling frustrated and pretty undesirable. 
I have applied for many jobs, in many different roles and shifts. 
The conclusions I am coming to are that I am Unemployable because I am sending application after application into the internet void, some of the time receiving a rejection and a lot of the time not even that. 
That silence really hurts.
 I do understand what kind of job climate we are in due to the pandemic, things like this do a lot of damage and money needs to be made somewhere...
I guess.
What kills me inside is the amount of hard work I've put into every single application. They need to reap something in return eventually.
It cannot just be this nothingness every single day, this waiting, this hoping and not to mention the ever growing dread of not being able to pay the bills.