Life Update - 16.09.2019

Hello All!
Just popping in to say hi and let you know how it's going since the last update. 
As you know I'm currently in the stage of being made redundant from my job, my whole team are as well. We've worked through, many changes have been made with our working arrangements much to my team's frustration. 
We've now hit the last two weeks of working, the days and weeks have been very long and slow ones that's for sure. I've been applying for jobs as much as I can, I did have an interview but sadly it wasn't to be so I'll keep working on it. I applied for 3 jobs yesterday, whether or not something comes of them is yet to be seen. As long as I get some sort of reply I'll be happy.
Some times with these things you get unexpected drama that you don't need but are there anyway, this is something you have to work through the best you can.
Image result for I am stronger than my trials
On the more positive side of things I've had a few small adventures recently which I am very thankful to have experienced them. I got to see friends I hadn't seen in a good long while, it's been hard as they live on across the other side of the country. I also got to visit a few local festivals to round off the summer.
The hype for NaNoWriMo has begun, whether or not i succeed this year will be another question to answer later down the line. I could be working a new job by then and won't know what my writing schedule will be like. Nonetheless I am still enjoying the NaNo festivities. 
After a Monday morning train delay and being late for work I've been telling myself that I only have one last Monday left to work through.