Updates and News 06/08/2019

Hello All!
It's been a long while since I last blogged properly and a lot has been going on in my life while I've been away, some of it good and some bad. The main thing is that I am trying to get back to the person I once was.
Well it seems it's happening, I am finally getting out of the job I have been trying to leave. Bad news...I am being made redundant. The company my company works within has decided not to renew the contract that gives my team a job. I wasn't expecting it to end happen the way it did, these things I cannot discuss on the web (sadly) and it took me a good while to process what was happening. It seems that I will have to hit the job hunt harder than I have been and go into overdrive if I am to get a job by the end of September this year.
My partner Blake as well as family and friends have been very supportive, especially helping me through the low moments I have had in the last few weeks. Despite everything it still hit me pretty hard, as it did with all my coworkers. I am now trying to focus on applying for jobs and putting myself out there, with any luck I can get a job that starts at the end of my contracted period and get my redundancy as well.
More Blogs and Updates coming soon!