Song of The Day - Friday - Storms, Fence Panels, Tomato Plants and Tea!

A Very Happy Friday to You All!
It has certainly been a long week for me, that's for sure!
My Wednesday blog fell to the wayside as it was just too busy that day, I did try though.
As for this slightly wet and dull Friday, I just have to get through it and I get an entire week off.
This week off is mainly in place for my birthday, I couldn't actually get my actual birthday week off so we took this one instead. It really depends on how the weather turns out depending on what we end up doing. As storm Miguel is passing by giving us all a firm watering I am unsure what my options will be currently. 
Image result for storm miguel
Fingers crossed we won't what to replace another fence panel, the cast mount up if you have to rebuy a new one every six months to a year.
I neighbor replaced on the trellises that sit on the top the fence at some point between March and May, we had probably had a storm in between then. For some reason they didn't knock on the door to tell us the last one had been blown out and destroyed or to ask for money since that since is our responsibility. We aren't out in the garden as much as them because A) they are retired and are home most of the time, and B) they are smokers that smoke in their garden.
Should I knock and ask if they want some money for it?
It's a weird situation that I dislike being a part of.
Moving on to other garden stuff...
I am thinking that I have to replant/repot my tomato plants as it looks as if they are trying to strangle each other. I only have two but I think I may have planted them too close together but honestly I'm new to this so I'm learning as I go. They seem to be growing like mad and I am hoping that is a good thing because it they weren't happy they wouldn't grow. Let's see if I can earn my "Green Fingers" badge and actually not kill anymore plants.
They are much bigger now than what they are in this picture.
(Picture from 28th May)
I also have acquired a bird feeder stand from one of the family, I am to get that set up this week as well as get some bird feeders for it. A I am a terrible gardener I aim to turn my garden into something nature can thrive in, there are too many gardens where I live that have either been astroturfed or paved over. We get frogs in our garden quite a lot these days and I honestly would like to continue to see them. Let's see how I do shall we?
If all else fails and the weather is crappy there are always things to do at home or at inside venues. We have a metric fuck tone of films to watch, games to play and a house it much need of a clean. The cats could really use some attention and cuddles during this time, they enjoy rainy days with blankets and tea. Hopefully lots of new teas and baked goods will immerge during that time.
As for me now, I think I've rambled far too much today about plants and gardens. I will blog next week if I gat time and I'm stuck inside in the rain. Leave a comment below if you have any tips on growing tomatoes and plants in general.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a Fantastic Friday and an Awesome weekend!

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