Song of The Day - Monday - Soggy Feet, Avenue Q, Weddings and Film Days!

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Happy Monday All!
It certainly isn't the greatest of Mondays weather wise today. The heavens have opened and everything is a little bit soggy, including my feet. This morning's train ride to work was a little cooler due to the rain. I managed to snag a window seat so that was nice, it's still good to watch the fields go by even if it's a bit soggy.
My weekend was a pretty fun one for the most part. Blake went up to Salute (2019) at the ExCel centre in London. For those interested in War Gaming of all kinds it seems this is the place to go to see some pretty cool stuff. My day wasn't quite so productive, I wasn't feeling all that good so I got on with the usual adult jobs that we force ourselves to do and then watched TV.
Once Blake was back we headed up to Canterbury to see a show and for a late appearance at our friends wedding. The show we went to see was 'Avenue Q' and it was incredible, it was Sesame Street for adults and I recommend you see it if you can. The wedding was only around the corner, which was a relief. We arrived, got some drinks and began our evening all over again. We caught up with people we hadn't seen in a while, danced and sang until the DJ announced that we had to go home.
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After a late night and having to get up to collect the shopping we had a movie day. We had the newly released 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' waiting for us that was begging to be watched. The second film was 'Hudson Hawk' and our final film 'Incredibles 2'. There was much tea, popcorn and cat snuggles as the cold day outside got on with it.
I think that's enough of my babble for today.
As always thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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