Song of The Day - Monday - 1st of April - Trust No One!

Happy Monday Indeed!
It's the first of April so trust no one!
April Fools is upon us and you never quite know what or who could be out to fool you.
I'm back!
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Happy April to you all!
This morning despite feeling a little sleep deprived I am in a surprisingly energised mood this morning, I don't know whether or not that will change but I'm going to run with it. I have had the urge to blog again and as you know that has been very up and down lately, more so on the down aspect of things but let's not focus on that right now.
I am currently in the middle of turning my craft and art room back into my craft and art room. It is currently a storage/dumping ground for things we just haven't had time to take care of before something else takes up our time. Please don't ask me about my bedroom and the other spare room because it is maddening to think about currently. I am thinking about making the whole tidying my life a blog series but we shall see how it goes.
We've just had Mother's Day here in the UK, on Sunday to be exact. Blake and I sort of carried it out over the whole weekend due to events such as family birthday parties taking up part of the day. On Saturday we took my mum out for a late lunch in our local area. I hadn't been able to see my Mum for a bit because of various things and I wanted to be able to catch up. The food was great but it was more of an excuse to talk about the last couple of weeks.
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Sunday we arrived at Blake's parent's house early so we could wish her the best before we all headed up to London for a family party. One of Blake's cousins always wants to try and have the first barbeque of the year no matter the what the weather might be. The day went pretty well, the sun came out though it got a little chilly as the afternoon got later. Blake's other cousin makes the best apple pie I've ever tasted, I wish I cooked apple pie came out that well. Many yummy drinks were had, I think we were all quite sleepy when we got home.
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Now we have circled back to Monday morning and it certainly seems to have an air of hope to it despite what is happening out in the country and of course the rest of the world.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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