Song of The Day - Friday - Short Weeks, Easter Chocolate, Cat Sass and YouTube!

Happy Friday All!
We have finally reached the end of the week!
Despite the fact that it was a four day working week for me it still managed to be incredibly long. Yes I know, first world problems.
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The last few days have been a mess of train delays and tiredness.
(The name of my autobiography)
 My early morning meeting yesterday afforded me to get an earlier train home which was much needed. Blake hadn't really had anything planned this week so he's just been hanging out with me and eating Easter chocolate. Yes I still have some, I have been eating it slowly unlike some people I know who ate all their eggs in one day and made themselves sick. Sometimes you need to put the chocolate down when you reach your limit before you waste good chocolate and vomit it into the toilet bowl.
If someone says you
eat too much
chocolate, stop
talking to them.
You don't need
that kind of 
negativity in
your life.
Jiji was even more demanding this morning than she usually is. The sunshine coming through the back door was pretty bright this morning and both cats were sitting in it's beam. Jiji wanted us to playing 'Shiny' with her but it's always pretty hectic in the morning so the girls don't always get the attention they deserve. As it always goes Ji yells in cat speak at us, we say we are too busy and she continues to yell. Well today we actually had a super bratty Ji, when we said we were busy she answered back in a tone as if to retort.
 "Shiny, Shiny Now!"
"Sorry Ji, we're too busy"
"You're mean!"
Never a dull moment in my house.
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I have been watching a lot of Julien Solomita videos recently. He is Jenna Marbles partner and a truly wonderful person. His vlogs are very pure and innocent, he loves life and says it how it is. They are just so wonderful to watch and they just really cheer me up.
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This weekend I have a film night and a family visit to look forward to, hopefully I can get to the end of this day in one piece.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you have a fantastic Friday and an awesome weekend!

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