Song of The Day - Monday - Bad Weather, Commuting, Craft Rooms and Gaming!

Happy Monday All!
Morning to you all as well.
Despite the huge amounts of wind today and over the last few days, the sunshine is lovely. It was quite cold on the platform this morning due to the wind though this morning. It's not quite time for me to give up on the scarf during my commute. This week starts the adventure of the main entrance hall/ticket office being closed in my home station, this means having to walk around to the other side of the station and enter through the side gate on platform 3, then back over to platform 2. It's an adventure that is going to be one that could cause a lot of people to miss their trains. Not everyone remembers these kind of things when they're half a sleep. I have also had my usual Monday morning adventure with my Cannon Street train being diverted half way through the journey to London Victoria, I can't wait to see what wonders are install for this evening's commute. A ride on a busy tube train is just what you need on a Monday morning to wake you up.
As for last week's missing blogs I am sorry once again for being a crappy blogger. The pressure of work and job hunting ramped up a little, I lost some of the free time I usually have to blog. This week may not be much better because I am training a new person at work and I won't get very much time at all. I will try and start blogging on the train again or get up earlier, we shall see how things go.
Bear with me.
My weekend consisted of browsing for desk ideas for my craft room, I'm looking at ideas of either building my own or buying depending what the costs hold. We are still looking around at the moment though. On Sunday we had a gaming day for a friends birthday. We played a few video games, Ultimate Chicken Horse was one of the video games. Then we moved onto board games, we played Quizoo, Timeline and Mysterium. They are all pretty fun games, some took a little more set up than others but we enjoyed them none the less. It was a later night than expecting but we had a really great time. The car park we had parked in was littered with parts of trees due to the very stormy winds we had been getting most of the week. I'm glad to report none of the trees that circled the car park had decided to fall on top of our car and that our trip home was for the most part uneventful.
Well that's enough from me for now, thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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