Feeling Thoughtful - Pretty Days Make Me Happy

This morning I woke to a beautiful blue sky and wonderful sunshine. I have a feeling that my mood is connected to the weather and seasons at lot of the time. Despite not wanting to get up I found myself in a really good mood as I walked to the train station this morning. I have been feeling pretty low recently, I know it's not just the seasons and weather getting me down but I do think that I have me affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) pretty badly over the last couple of years.
Seasonal Affective Disorder Not As Common As Thought
Those moments of sunshine that happen during the cold months are such a big thing for me, they make me positive, energised and productive. There was something that did put a little dampener on it for me though. That moment when I realised that I would have to spend most of it inside a giant steel building in London, despite being made mostly of windows surprisingly doesn't let much light in. They are aren't clear glass, they are misted safety glass.
I need to try to hang onto that positivity, try to get out in the sunshine when I can. That sunshine this morning pursued me to write, it pursued me to be creative again, I'm hoping that it lasts because I enjoy the outlook it gives me. 
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