Song of The Day - Wednesday - Tasty Baking Fails, Scrapbooking and Instagram!

Happy Wednesday!
Hello All!
It's been a while since I last blogged...again...sorry!
I have had a lot on my mind recently and I have also been sick...again. I sort of feel like I am in limbo at the moment and hopefully that will be resolved by next week some time.
For the most part over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to get myself into a state of normal health level. Despite that I have still been trying to be creative and active. I attempted to make rice Krispy treats for a gaming night, they were for my vegetarian in-law family and I really wanted to make something fun. Marshmallows are usually out when it comes to veggies and vegans for obvious reasons. I opted for Lotus Biscoff biscuit spread as my mixture of choice and a little butter to help bond a little more. It was a little bit of a failed make as they didn't really stick together like I had hoped, a small layer stuck to the chocolate topping but that was about it. I took what I could salvage to games night but I hope to try it again since I have a lot of Rice Krispies to use up.
I have been working on my scrapbook/junk journal whenever I have a quiet moment when my mind is needing to craft. I think I have a little bit of a washi tape obsession currently, being that I cannot stop either buying or wanting it. It's all so pretty. I keep saying this but I will try to put up pictures soon of my progress.
Image result for washi tape memes
I had lunch in the 7th floor conservatory at work yesterday. It has great views and I was lucky enough to get a little bit of winter sun through the cloudy sky. They are as little dark but I like them.
I'm attempting the #FebWritersChallenge
over on Instagram.  Check out how I am doing as well as all my other pictures, pictures that don't always make it onto my blog that really should.
Well that me all caught up.
Thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot to me!!
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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