2019: Looking At The Year Ahead!

Since the new year is here I thought I'd talk about my thoughts and plans for 2019. I think it is always nice to do this not only as a blogger but as a person. It gives you something to work towards, something to drive you into the future and honestly in January we all need something to look forward to.
This year will be The Year of Change!
  • New Job Closer to Home - I would like to find a new job that is closer to home. This is my top goal because it will one of the biggest changes that will help with my mental health and get me on the road to healing. Having to commute to and from work to a job that I am not happy with is just not worth the damage mentally.
  • My Home - This year I hope to get some home improvements done on my house. Along with the Bathroom, Kitchen and Dinning room as our main focus of attention, I aim to sort out our tiny back bedroom. This room is suppose to be my art room but it is currently a junk room along with the other spare room. I hope to build a desk and storage area for all my many projects, that way I will stop taking over the whole dinning room table with my Journaling (Junk Journal) project.
  • Daily Blog/The Blog- To combat burn out I will be blogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There may still be post on the days in between just not my 'Song of The Day' blog. I hope to return to posting new content and get back to my 'Film Cupboard' film reviews very soon.
  • Emotionally 14 - As you know I am a content creator for E14 and this past year has not be great for content creation on my side. This year I hope to combat that and be more of a team player within the E14 Community, they are a great bunch of lads and deserve more of my attention.
  • Writing Projects - I am hoping to hit the edit/rewrite stage this year for at least one of my works in progress. I may even try and publish by the end of the year, whether that is through self publishing or traditional it's something to work towards.