Song of The Day - Tuesday - Scarves, Train Delays, Social Media-Mas and Mince Pies!

Happy Tuesday!
It was pretty chilly on the platform this morning, the icy weather is inching in. I have managed to find my scarf and get it washed, I used it a few times over the weekend but I feel it hasn't been cold enough to use it all the time yet. If we get a few more days like this then I might need to start using it.
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All I can say is thank goodness that Monday is over!
For the second week in a row on a Monday I have been delayed getting home because something has happened to the train. It seems to be every Monday and Friday with Southeastern rail, the two days you want to get home the most. All the other days in between are just bonus delays. Last week was worse that yesterday though, last week I got an additional hour and ten minutes added to my journey, last night it was just over half an hour. I know half hour doesn't sound much in the scheme of things but when you finish work at six, get home just after seven you don't have a whole lot of evening left.
Sorry about the train rant.
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So the festive season is upon us!
Vlogmas, Blogmas and Instamas have all started on the social media and there are just so many things to look at, watch and take in. I've seen quite a few fun festive DIY's I'd like to try while reading and watching through all these sites.  I am also preparing to make my own Mince pies, I think they are probably going to be hand pies again since they are more my style. I also want to experiment and try new styles (as usual).  
These were last years attempts, yes there are green Smarties on top of them.
That' enough from me today, hopefully I'll be more interesting tomorrow.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!
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