Song of The Day - Friday - NaNoWriMo, Tiredness, Tea and Black Friday!

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A Very Happy Friday to you all!
Yes we have hot the end of the week and it's been a long time coming too! We transitioning between Autumn and Winter and back again, it isn't quite sure what it wants to be like. Let the Friday madness begin!

Leia waiting for the weekend hugs to begin.
This morning was a struggle due to a disturbed nights sleep. I have the dreaded sinus headache coming back due to the change in temperature, the painkillers I've taken haven't really done anything. My desk for this morning has a vent behind it that is constantly blowing out cold air into my face and onto my feet. I'm really looking forward to this afternoon where I get to move desks to somewhere warmer. My pin badge on my side table by my bed says it all for today because I'd rather be reading and drinking tea.
It's Friday 23rd November, the dreaded 'Black Friday' is here!
I'm not really that enthusiastic about the whole Black Friday thing, I hate busy shops and shopping at the best of times. The thought of bundling through my local supermarket door with a load of other crazed people to fight over a half price colander or something is beyond me. To those that have already braved the rush I hope you got through it with your body intact. If the shops aren't too busy at lunch I may have a browse in Flying Tiger, it is my favourite shop near where I work.
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As for NaNoWriMo I have finally made it over the hump of 35,000 words, it took me longer than I wanted due to life and other such fun getting in the way. I am slowly on my way towards the target of 50,000 but before then I need to get that 40,000 in the bag.
 Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have an Awesome Friday and incredible weekend!
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