Cloud Zombie's Christmas 2018

Happy Nearly December!
Well it's so near that it is in fact tomorrow!
After a bit of a shaky year, a busy October and extra busy November because of NaNoWriMo, we finally come to the last month of the year.
December Clip Art
This is the time I put down my freshly (mostly) written novel and begin the journey that is Cloud Zombie's Christmas. "What the hell is that?!" I hear you cry from the corners of the internet and I guess I should explain. Cloud Zombie's Christmas is basically my own celebration of the festive season. To kick it all off I have a daily Advent Calendar post, Festive Adventures and Festive themed Song of The Days for my week day blog. On top of that if I manage to get the time I bake, watch festive films (yes, hopefully the Film Cupboard is coming back), festive DIY crafts and all that's in between.
So keep your eyes peeled for festive blog posts from the 1st of December. Hopefully we can have some fun this month with the blog after this the lack of content the last month of so.
Thank you for reading and see you all tomorrow!